Case Studies: Successful Coda Stories



“It’s transforming our business... and by far the best investment of 2023.”
Natalia Ohanesian


Pack Creation Fractional CTO


6 Months

The Challenge

Build infrastructure for Bipty by integrating into their world, noticing trends and structures, and improving from within, becoming an extension of their team.

The Response

I came to SimplaDocs to create a simple pack and ended up going for a fractional CTO retainer service. It was a big investment for our startup, but by far the best investment of 2023!

I've only been working with them for a month and half but the speed they are able to build at is really astonishing and is transforming our business.

What I love most about SimplaDocs, that I have yet to see with any other dev company, is how they take a holistic approach to solving your tech problems. From day one, they sought to understand each of our team members' roles, their day to day struggles, our customer base, our business lingo, and most importantly our why/vision.

Our builder has become part of the team and has even immersed themselves into our slack channels for fast communication. All of this has allowed us to ship cohesive solutions fast.

Working with past dev companies it often hasn't been clear where the money was going and we always seemed to be behind timeline. With SimplaDocs, I have full transparency and visibility on the whole process and I feel us moving forward everyday!

What I love most about having Steven as our Fractional CTO is that he is truly committed to our success as a company as a whole.

At the end of the day, it comes down to ROl - and SimplaDocs will definitely be yielding a high return on investment for months to come.

If you are looking for a company that is professional, has a can do attitude, and is fun to create with I highly recommend investing with SimplaDocs.