Case Studies: Successful Coda Stories


Nowadays Media

“This is easily the best money we are spending every month.”
Kaspar Povilanskas
Nowadays Media


Fractional CTO, Custom Coda Pack, Process Automation


4 Months

The Challenge

With thousands of people to contact and thousands more posts to track in every campaign, NowADays need a simple and innovative way to master their craft and operate the business.

The Response

Simpladocs has helped simplify weeks of work into one simple click of a button. Nowadays used to manually email 500 or more people for one campaign, with each separate email taking about four minutes.

After Steven, the embedded SimplaDocs builder, automated their system, every email is now sent in a matter of seconds. Not only does this drastically help efficiency, it gives Nowadays the capability to increase the number of influencers they work with in every campaign, allowing the business to grow.

The system will also automatically track which emails get a reply, send out a contract when needed, and show specific numbers related to each influencer they work with. “It’s one person doing the job of at least three,” Kaspar said.

What Simpladocs has done for Nowadays is create a simplified yet more detailed look at their business through the data Coda processes. Their system is a one stop shop for communications, financials, scheduling, and data.